Tuesday, September 20, 2005

something good something bad.

something good:

i just ordered a bunch of clothes online for my honeymoon. they look nice and cool which is good because aruba is hot hot hot.

something bad:

my feet and calves really really hurt. I have some kind of awful cramps going on in them. I think my flip flops have been messin with my feet. or maybe it's sitting in this office chair all day. i'm going to see if going for a run is helpful.

theeeeee government.

doesn't it seem lately that the government doesn't institute precautionary measures against disaster until after something horrible happens? I mean of course, you can't plan for everything. No one was EXPECTING terrorists to crash planes into our buildings, no one was expecting Hurricane Katrina to cause destruction on such a grand scale. (Although.... didn't meteorologists see it coming?) And now there's all this backpedaling, the people assigned to the head posts in such important agencies as FEMA turn out to really just be friends of "President" Bush, who is on vacation all the time anyway. They have no idea how to handle their positions which human lives and safety depend on everyday. Is this incoherent? I don't think my coffee has kicked in yet.

In other news I was glad to hear about the CEO of Tyco getting his jail time, although he will probably wrangle a way out with a dream team lawyer, unctuous as he is. There is too much greed in this country, sadly there are many many more raping the system in the way that he is, who will go unpunished. Does the world's uneven distribution of wealth seem ridiculous to anyone else?

Monday, September 19, 2005

The greatest pick-up line ever.

 BChrome168: this would be great on your blog!
BChrome168: oh!
BChrome168: when i got my haircut the barber who usually never talks to me was talking
BChrome168: asking why i wasn't married and stuff
BChrome168: he tells me what a dog he was when he was younger. cheating on girls all the usual stuff
BChrome168: the he goes you know what the best pick up line was i ever had? it's absolutely ridiculous
BChrome168: his line was "Do you to go to the pond and feed the ducks?"
BChrome168: want to go
BChrome168: he's like it worked 90% of the time
BChrome168: course if they said no he siad he had to go feed the ducks anyway